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Connecting church through commerce!

Our Business Connection is ministry focused on channeling the talents and gifts of business owners and professionals within FCC to strengthen its business community, offer the Congregation quality services and products, credible educational resources, and promotion of employment opportunities while growing & strengthening relationships within our church.
Here are just a few of the key elements within this group that benefits our FCC community and business members.
For The FCC Community
1-A Business Directory of the members and their Profession.
2-Job Postings from Members and Church Community.
3-Free educational sessions.
For the Business Connection Members
1-Connect on a wider scale to our FCC community.
2-Network with other B.C. Members.
3-Attend B.C. Meetings 
If you have a job that you want to offer to the congregation, click here to submit a form to the church office.
If you attend FCC and are looking for services please view our directory below. If you are a business professional and want to join the Business Connection Ministry. Please click the button below and fill out an online application form. 

If you looking for a job and want to see what is being offered to the congregation through the business connection, please click on the button below.

Visit our online Directory to see what business resources are here within our community.
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