Visiting FCC 

As of July 2021, we allow everyone to choose to wear a face-covering or not while they're inside our FCC campus,  during weekly services, or other events at Faith Christian Center. 


We strongly suggest that you practice social distancing as best you can while inside the building at any time and if you are not feeling well please stay home and watch our service online.


For our Children's Grow, Jumpstart, and d2L ministries we will continue to check the temperatures of each student before coming in a classroom area. It is the parent's option to have their child wear a face covering or not. 


As of July 2021, COVID-19 has not disappeared yet and we believe still is having some practices in motion that will help increase the safety of our Church Community. We stress that these practices for inside the FCC campus can change at any time if State or local directives changes as it relates to COVID-19. Thank you for your understanding.