Connect Groups

We are currently using remote methods to hold our connect group meetings.

To find out the best group for you, click here to contact Pastor Ray Zimberlin

and he will get back to you.

Our vision is to have a church where the love of God is demonstrated through caring for one another, developing meaningful relationships, and meeting each other’s needs. In turn, people will reach out to others outside of Faith Christian Center with the love of God.


One of the primary vehicles to help accomplish this vision is our Connect Groups. These small groups meet on the first full weekend (weekend includes Friday) of each month. Most groups meet on Friday, while others meet on Saturday.  Simply contact the leader of your desired group for location and meeting day & time. Connect Groups may be found in various homes throughout the surrounding communities.


Connect Groups are open to all ages as our desire is that your whole family receives ministry. It’s a time to get together in a small group setting for a short teaching and discussion, in an environment that cultivates relationships in a relaxed, warm home setting.


Click here to see our listing of Connect Groups in Rhode Island.

Click here to see our listing of Connect Groups in Massachusetts.