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God's Love is for You!


We live in unsettling times. Just watching five minutes of the news can confirm that notion. Our culture and society quickly changes around us and even seems to be loosing sight of their creator, but here at our church you will find the rest you have been searching for. God has not moved on or is silently looking down, not willing to lift a finger. Quite on the contrary, God is ready to work in any one’s life that is willing to open their heart to Him. He watches over you every minute of every day, waiting for you to open your heart and talk to Him. He pines for your attention, and yearns for you to rest in Him.

One of the most incredibly amazing things is God’s love for us. In fact, at times it is hard to wrap our brains around the concept of how much God loves us. It says in the bible that even yet while we were still sinners Christ died for us. Even when we weren’t looking for Him or maybe were running from Him, He still pursued us with His love. Here’s the best part, God doesn’t just love us, but you, personally. No matter where you've come from and what you have done, God unconditionally loves you!

At FCC, we believe that church is not a dry place to just sit and be lectured or just something to check off our “How to be a good person” to-do list. We believe that church is a living, breathing place for imperfect people to learn about and trust in a perfect God, who can supply their every need, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. So we invite you to visit us. Come and rest in God’s love for you.



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