Overcoming Obstacles in Family Prayer

Last week, we discussed some of the benefits of developing a family devotion time. They are so rewarding. This week, we want to begin to address some of the obstacles and how to overcome them. Again, the purpose of this blog is to encourage you as a family to learn to spend time together praying and sharing the Bible.

It can be challenging to get your whole family together every day and have them involved.

Keep in mind that Satan will do anything to try to keep you from praying as a family. The 6th chapter of Ephesians tells us that we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood. That is very important in family matters since, in most cases, they are our flesh and blood. So, your two-year old or your teenager who either won’t sit still or are arguing with you, are not your enemies. You are trying to draw them into this experience, not fight against them. Satan understands how dangerous you family can be to him. We must realize from where your opposition is coming.

Helpful Hints:

1.First, don’t get angry at your children (or spouse), understand that they are learning something new.

2. Keep reminding them of why you are doing this – God answers prayers and He want to show your family that He is listening to them.

3. Keep the time short – gauge it to their age and maturity. Remember that you are developing a habit, which takes time. Ten minutes every day will do more than an hour on one day, and fighting to get them to come the rest of the week. Consistency is more important than how long you pray. You want your family to experience something positive, so they look forward to it.

4. Don’t be a dictator and demand that they participate. Instead, lead by example. One of the purposes of doing this is to develop a closer relationship within your family.

5. Give each member of your family the opportunity to share what they want to pray for, and to express themselves. They each need to know that they are important to God and He wants to hear from each of them.

Enough for this week. There are more “hints” I will share as we move forward as well as sharing about other obstacles.

Be encouraged and learn to enjoy your time together as a family. It is so precious, and the opportunities pass so quickly. Please post your experiences so we can all share.

Blessings, Pastor John & Anita

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