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In the journey of life, we go through many different seasons. No matter what season you are in, at FCC we believe that we can be built up and find encouragement by connecting with others. These groups are an underlying reason why the church exists, which is, to be there for one another. We invite you to check out the various groups that we offer.

Married Couples
Pastors Meetings

Pastoral Meetings

Some seasons are harder than others in life. We may have times when we are weighted with questions or doubts, face adversity, or just need a helping hand. Please know that you do not have to face any season alone.  Our pastors are more than happy to listen and talk with you on an individual basis. These talks can be formal or informal in nature with the goal to help you work through any concerns in your personal, family life, or walk with God.

To request a meeting with one of our pastors, please call us at: 508-336-4110

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