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 Wednesday Workshops

During the course of the year, special interest groups that support our daily Christian life, will be offered on Wednesday evenings in conjunction with our worship service.

Wednesday Workshop launches on February 5th, 2020, introducing three new groups. Please note that each group has its own Wednesday night schedule of dates.


The goal of Wednesday Workshops is for people to learn, connect  and be ministered to on a more personal needs basis.   This small group format will also provide people with the opportunity to meet and bond over topics of similar interest.

Space is limited, On-line registration or foyer registration is required. 

All groups are free to attended. Your commitment to the to the calendar dates and course requirements will maximize the group experience.

Session Descriptions & Schedule:

Faith & Wellness (8 Sessions) --- (This Group is FULL) 

This group is designed to help people of faith seek Gods wisdom to take care of the temple He gave each of us.

God wants us to be well and has designed natural approaches for us to sustain a healthy life. Increasing your faith for healing and for better eating habits is God’s plan. Both of these elements will be taught, discussed and encouraged. 

Schedule for Faith & Wellness (7:30pm-8:45pm)

February. 5th & 26th

March 18th

April 8th/29th

May 20th

June 10th & 17th



Blended Families (10 Sessions)​​ The curriculum for this group was designed by Family Life Ministries and, focuses on the realities of becoming a Blended Families.  The goal of this group is to help blended families recognize the amazing unique elements that God has placed in their family.


​Schedule for Blended Families (7:30pm-8:45pm)

February 19th & 26th

March 18th & 25th

April   22nd & 29th

May    20th & 27th

June   17th & 24th



In His Steps (8 Sessions) --- (This Group is FULL) 

This group will read and discuss together the, "In His Steps", novel by Charles Sheldon. Using the topics from this book as a guide, the goal of this group is to live out the truth of action, “What would Jesus do?”

Schedule for In His Steps (7:30pm-8:45pm)

March 11th & 18th

April    8th & 15th

May.    13th & 20th

June   10th & 17th

FCC Young Adults will be meeting under the Workshop Weds groups currently. They will meet up to Two times a month. Our current lead discussions will come through the Alpha Project. Alpha is a series of videos that tackle life questions and helps people of faith or people who are still searching to have that daily dialogue about life, meaning, and purpose. The videos are short, which leaves room for group talk! Whether you recently came to faith or had been following Christ for years, everyone will have equal ground and space in this group. This group is for ages 18-30.


March 25th

April 4th & 29th

May 6th & 13th

June 3rd & 10th

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