FCC Small Groups are designed to help our church community connect and receive and give ministry on a more personal level.  Each group will have a focus that brings everyone within the group together, whether it's through a piece of our identity or in a serving element. 


We believe these Small Groups will be one of our most essential ministries during these times.  Our goal for the groups is not just to provide information but to give space for each participant to share and learn from each other.

Our 2022 Fall Small groups begin on September 28th and contain seven different meeting dates. For the most part, they will meet twice a month.  Here is the schedule for all groups. We will have general child care during this time from 1st-5th grade.



What is a good biblical plan for your kids? As parents, we do our best to provide and teach our kids how to grow up in this current world and live for Christ. There are no perfect parents, but with God’s help, we believe God will allow us to find success through our failures. Join our discussions with meaningful content on how we can focus our sight on parenting through God’s grace. Whether your Children are very young or are in their teenage years, we'd love to have you join our Group. The parenting group will start on Oct. 5th 


The Alpha Angle


Following Christ should have a good effect on the people around you no matter what your cultural aspects are. Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith. Each session includes a video that looks at a different question that people can have about faith and informal group discussion in a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone is welcome, whether you are new to asking questions about faith or a lifelong believer looking to learn more about sharing your faith with others! This group will be working with content from .


Kingdom Daughters

Being a young lady in today’s world has its set of challenges like for many others, but young ladies have a unique calling and destiny as Daughters of God. In this group, we will Equip and discuss who you truly are in Christ. To help recognize their purpose and know they are loved by God.  Does not matter where you are in life. We believe this group can be a great place to connect and learn your identity in Christ and hear His voice. Grade group is 5th-12th grade.



In His Steps



This group will meet around a book called “In His Steps”. We will provide a copy of the book and review and discussion specific chapters along the way. Whether you are an avid reader, we will work at a casual, comfortable pace. This book carries a powerful story of being like Christ.