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FCC Small Groups are designed to help our church community connect and receive 

ministry on a more personal level.  Each group will have a focus which brings everyone within the group together, whether it's an identity or serving element. 


We believe these Small Groups will be one of our most important ministries during these times.  Our goal for the groups is not to just provide information, but to give space for each participant to share with and learn from each other.

Here are the current small groups for our fall run of 6 sessions

The Alpha Angle

This group will be working with content from <>. Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith. Each session includes a video that looks at a different question that people can have about faith and informal group discussion in a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone is welcome, whether you are new to asking questions about faith or a lifelong believer looking to learn more about sharing your faith with others!

Meeting from 7-8:30 PM- Oct 6th, 20th, Nov 3rd,17th, Dec 1st, 8th


Building Bridges

The focus of this group is to help unite us a Church Community as we come together to discuss our many differences; including economic, geographic and racial ethnicities.   With honest transparency in our discussions, we will share how our differences impact our lives in current issues that try to impact or define our Christianity. 

We are all made according to God’s design and are brothers and sisters in the Lord. But our true loving for one another (John 13:35) can only go as deep as our understanding of our unique differences. 

As we bond together as a group, we can inspire and strengthen our church community to be an influence for Christ through our different lifestyles.  

Meeting from 7-8:30 PM- Oct 6th, 20th, Nov 3rd,17th, Dec 1st, 8th


Christianity 101

Christianity 101 is an overview of the basics of living the Christian life. It will show you who you are in Christ, and how to practically live out your Christian life from the inside out. This is a great opportunity to learn about being a Spirit-led believer, who walks in the Word and lives a victorious life.

Meeting from 7-8:30- Oct 13th, 27th, Nov 10th, 24th, Dec 8th, 15th


Elder Care 

If you have cared for a senior, you know that it can be rewarding as well as challenging. This group will allow caregivers to come together to share experiences and learn strategies to help us work with seniors.  This group will also strive to apply the strategies and practical tools learned, to reach out to our FCC seniors in order to best support them.  We will take a hands-on approach to providing encouragement through prayer, spending time, or just being a friend to a senior that may be alone. Come be a part of a group that has the opportunity to improve the quality of someone’s life.

Meeting from 7-8:30 PM- Oct 6th, 20th, Nov 3rd,17th, Dec 1st, 8th

Kill The Copycat- Step into your Identity

Comparison has no place in our life.  Do cultural influences effect who you are, or is everything you do determined by what others are doing? Seeking freedom from comparison?  Get tools to destroy the copycat and discover your true identity in Christ. This group is geared to those under 25 years of age. 

Meeting from 7-8:30 PM- Oct 6th, 20th, Nov 3rd,17th, Dec 1st, 8th



Men’s Group

Are you looking to be encouraged and challenged to be a better husband, father or man of God. Sign up. We believe that God will strengthen and heal a man when he is surrendered and transparent about himself. We believe that the Bible is our compass while we fellowship and follow the Holy Spirit to enrich our experience when we meet.  

Meeting on Mondays for 7 sessions - Sept. 27th Oct.11th&25th Nov. 1st&15th&29th Dec. 13th



What is a good biblical plan for your kids?  As parents we do our best to provide and teach our kids how to grow up in this current world and live for Christ.  There are no perfect parents, but with God’s help we believe God will allow us to find success through our failures.  Join our discussions with meaningful content on how we can focus our sight on parenting through God’s grace. 

Meeting from 7-8:30- Oct 13th, 27th, Nov 10th, 24th, Dec 8th, 15th


Recovery from Addictions 

Christian there are times when we face different addictions that can trap away from our I identity in Christ. 

Transparency through Honesty is what Christians should walk in as we serve and certainly in our personal live. God’s love is far too great to forgive and restore.  There is no addiction that can’t be affected by God’s love for us! This group takes a proven step approach to come along side of each person who attends. 

Meeting weekly on Sundays after church.


Serving in our Singleness 

While Marriage is an important part of God’s plan, everyone will be single at some point in their lives due to personal choice, divorce or the death of a spouse.  Whether or not we enter into a marriage, we all need to know who we are in Christ Jesus, and the value of serving God while single. Do you desire a marriage union or believe you are called to singleness? Then join our small group to learn more about this topic and discover God's plans for you while you "Serve Him in Your Singleness".

Meeting from 7-8:30- Oct 13th, 27th, Nov 10th, 24th, Dec 8th, 15th