The                          Path

As a Christ Follower, you are on a path. That path is to grow your relationship with God. Why do we need this path? It is because our connection to God was broken in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve let sin into their lives. They thought they could handle the knowledge of what was good for them and what was not, but we see that did not work out well. This act sank all of us into an eternally precarious position, one from which we definitely needed to be saved.

Christ came down to earth to reconcile us to God by dying on the cross. The work of the cross opened the door (The Path) to having a personal relationship with God. You start the path by accepting Christ as your Savior. You are not guaranteed a life of ease, but He has come to save you from sin, along with its hard knocks. He came to cause us to triumph in every situation. How great to realize that God knows where you are in life, and how He has a beautiful plan for you.

God is manifest as a Trinity: Father, Son (Jesus), and Holy Spirit. They are three in one, but each carries out a different aspect related to us and the calling on our lives.

We honor God the Father because of who He is. When we see His AWESOMENESS, we can do nothing but give Him glory and thanks. He is loving and desirous of you. He will judge sin because it separates us from Him, but this in no way diminishes the fact that He is Love.

God the Son (Jesus) paid for our sins when He went to the cross for us! He loves us so much that He followed and fulfilled HIS Father's desire to reconcile us back to Him. Jesus, through His death, burial, and resurrection, defeated spiritual death, allowing us to become true children of the Father. Because of His amazing act of love, Jesus is also our King. God gave Him the crown of King of kings, and our rightful response is to worship Christ with all our hearts and soul.

Another big part of following Christ and knowing Him more is to be a growing part of a Church Community. Church is a vital part of a Christ followers’ foundation. It's where we learn more about Him, and where we’re able to share our gifts and talents with the Church Community. Growing in this setting ultimately means sharing together and being part of something greater than ourselves. In a Church Community, we learn to be there for each other, encourage one another, and build healthy relationships rooted in the foundation of Christ and His teachings.

If you should choose to attend and become a part of FCC’s church community, it is our hope that you take full advantage of all the opportunities available so you can grow here. Weekly, we are engaging in wonderful worship experiences, through music, along with the gaining of understanding from the teaching and preaching of the Word. If you need prayer, you can meet with someone from our prayer team after Sunday services. Of course, your participation is not just on the receiving end, but you can come and give as well. In the same way that someone else’s story of God’s grace has helped you, your story can also help others.

We also encourage you to come and meet others by joining a small group or attending any event hosted by our Personal Ministries. You can find those by clicking here.
To learn more about the different groups or ministries you could serve in, click here.

Our Pastoral staff is available to speak with you. You can stop by and say “hello” on a Sunday, or make an appointment if your questions are more detailed.  They would be glad to provide information about our church, or give you direction in your spiritual growth.

We are excited that you would consider having Faith Christian Center on your path while you follow Christ. We are here to help, and are happy to walk along this path with you.